Festival Magazine No. 24 “Spy on Me #3 – New Communities”

With contributions by Jan Distelmeyer, Anna Fries, Ulla Heinrich (dgtl fmnsm), Christiane Kühl (doublelucky productions), Legacy Russell, Roman Senkl (minus.eins), Caspar Weimann ( and Lena Ziyal

Trailer: Julia Elger

Spy on Me #3 – New Communities
22.–28.3.2021 / HAU4

New communities – and new definitions of community – form the focus of the festival “Spy on Me #3”. Over the past year, we’ve essentially met via digital interfaces. But how can we attain proximity without bodies? How does coming together work when its framework is always pre-programmed? 

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Link to text by Jan Distelmeyer
Link to Zoom video with festival artists
Link to visualisation by Lena Ziyal
Link to Instagram face filter by Alla Popp

Festival programme “Spy on Me #3 – New Communities”

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Concept and programme: Sarah Reimann and Annemie Vanackere in collaboration with Christiane Kühl. Cooperation programme team: Lisa Ahrens, Margarita Tsomou, Tobias Schurig / Editorial team: Christiane Kühl, Sarah Reimann, Annika Reith / Layout: Jürgen Fehrmann / Images (this page): NewfrontEars (Stills HAU4 film) / Published by: HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2021