Festival Magazine “Spy on Me #3 – New Communities”

With contributions by Jan Distelmeyer, Anna Fries, Ulla Heinrich (dgtl fmnsm), Christiane Kühl (doublelucky productions), Legacy Russell, Roman Senkl (minus.eins), Caspar Weimann ( and Lena Ziyal

Trailer: Julia Elger

Spy on Me #3 – New Communities
22.–28.3.2021 / HAU4

New communities – and new definitions of community – form the focus of the festival “Spy on Me #3”. Over the past year, we’ve essentially met via digital interfaces. But how can we attain proximity without bodies? How does coming together work when its framework is always pre-programmed? 


Festival programme “Spy on Me #3 – New Communities”


Concept and programme: Sarah Reimann and Annemie Vanackere in collaboration with Christiane Kühl. Cooperation programme team: Lisa Ahrens, Margarita Tsomou, Tobias Schurig / Editorial team: Christiane Kühl, Sarah Reimann, Annika Reith / Layout: Jürgen Fehrmann / Images (this page): NewfrontEars (Stills HAU4 film) / Published by: HAU Hebbel am Ufer 2021