Christiane Rösinger


The musician and author Christiane Rösinger moved to Berlin in 1985, where she founded the bands Lassie Singers and Britta. The themes of her books and songs include criticism of couples and capitalism, precarious life versus Bohemian concepts and practical feminism. The city of Berlin has inspired her with the setting for novels and columns as well as lyrics and theatre texts. Over the course of years making music and working as a journalist, Rösinger has always placed an importance on creating local infrastructures to promote younger musicians and to counter the male-dominated music business. In the 90s, she organised the legendary event series Flittchenbar in Maria am Ostbahnhof and, after a long break, resurrected it in Südblock at Kottbusser Tor. Due to her strong personal and artistic connection to the city, the housing crisis almost forced itself upon her, finding expression on the album “Lieder ohne Leiden” (“Songs Without Suffering”), released in 2017, with the song “Eigentumswohnung” (“Owner-Occupied Flat”) about housing and class relations.

The stage production “Stadt unter Einfluss – das Musical zur Wohnungsfrage” (“City under the Influence – The Musical on the Housing Issue”), presented by HAU Hebbel am Ufer in 2019 as part of the festival “Berlin bleibt! Stadt, Kunst, Zukunft” (“Berlin bleibt! City, Art, Future”), was Rösinger's first work as a director. It was hailed as “community theatre in the best sense” by audiences and the press alike. Continuing from this successful collaboration, Christiane Rösinger in 2021 develops a new musical for the stage of HAU Hebbel am Ufer: “Planet Egalia – A Feminist Ballad Opera”.