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14.02.2021, 14:00

Initiative 19. Februar Hanau

19 February is the first anniversary of the racist attack in Hanau. Initiative 19. Februar Hanau extends an invitation to an act of collective mourning and remembrance on 14 February.

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25.2.2021, 18:00

dgtl fmnsm / HAU

FACE your Bodies

FACE is a desktop show and workshop at the same time! This episode is about the influence of technology on our body awareness. What possibilities are there to rediscover ourselves with the help of technology?

To the event
27.2.2021, 19:00

Ricardo de Paula


CLEANSE/NU is the second part of the project MIMIMI. The dance performance is a political statement, a self-empowerment and purification. It is a step towards a decolonised future in which all people are free subjects.

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HAU4: The digital stage

The online programme has been a core part of HAU Hebbel am Ufer since March 2020. Also in the new season the “analogue” performance venues will be supplemented with an equivalent digital stage, now called HAU4.

Trailer & still: NewfrontEars