Radical Mutation: On the Ruins of Rising Suns

Livestream of the Opening

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With: Nyabinghi_Lab (Nathalie Anguezomo Mba Bikoro, Saskia Köbschall, Tmnit Zere) & Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio (Bino Byansi Bjakuleka, Muhammed Lamin Jadama, Moro Yapha), Idil Nuna Baydar alias Jilet Ayşe, The String Archestra

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Radio Session #3 Live from 10 pm

Radio programme in collaboration with Wearebornfree! Empowerment Radio. Livesession with DJ Walta.

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HAU4 programme September/October

HAU4: The digital stage

The online programme has been a core part of HAU Hebbel am Ufer since March. Also in the new season the “analogue” performance venues will be supplemented with an equivalent digital stage, now called HAU4.