Julia Plawgo “I wanted to show you the world, but I only had 2GB” / Jan Rozman “Thinging”

Part of “Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019”


English / 30 min + 50 min

Julia Plawgo
“I wanted to show you the world, but I only had 2GB”
In her performance Julia Plawgo sets up clear boundaries of light, space and direction for herself and the audience, making all limits in the process explode. 2GB are more than the whole world! 

Dance: Julia Plawgo
With the friendly support of HZT Berlin


Jan Rozman

Jan Rozman’s “Thinging” is a visceral reaction to the world of things we live in. It thinks and it sings. The stage becomes a space of contact for the living and non-living matter; an environment where things can relate, communicate and coexist.

Concept and Performance: Jan Rozman
Dramaturgy: Julia Keren Turbahn
Lighting Design: Urška Vohar
Costume: Kiss the Future
Scenography Advisor: Dan Adlešić
Stage Assistance: Dan Pikalo
Executive Producer: Sabina Potočki
Produced by: Emanat
Coproduction: Plesni teater Ljubljana
Supported by: City Municipality of Ljubljana


  • Past
    Wed 29.5.2019, 18:00 / HAU3


Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

Access by means of a stairwell (3rd floor). Use of lift possible by prior arrangement.

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