Ein Labor für Stadtexperimente und urbane (re) Habilitation

Part of the festival "Berlin bleibt!"


The throne – “A space for those who looked” (J. Hejduk)

A mobile throne construction drives through the neighbourhood, asking residents and passers-by for ideas on how to shape their environment in a way oriented to the common good. The throne provides a speaker function for the moment, including the relevant attention. The elevation gives rise to a change in perspective and the opportunity to observe, reflect, write, and ponder: What does the culture of public space mean in one’s own biography? The throne will be installed at our project space for urban action. The perspectives of the participants will give rise to an archive of the collective writings about the production of the neighbourhood.


  • Past
    Sat 28.9.2019, 17:00 / former post office (Hallesches Ufer 60)
    Sat 5.10.2019, 13:00 / former post office (Hallesches Ufer 60)


former post office (Hallesches Ufer 60)
Hallesches Ufer 60, 10963 Berlin