Romuald Krężel / Philipp Joy Reinhardt

Retrospective / Bellybutton + Performance

Part of “Performing Arts Festival Berlin 2019”


German / English / 45 min. + 30 min.

This evening brings together two actors searching for different artistic forms for their work after various theatre and TV engagements.

Romuald Krężel

Romuald Krężel explores the difference between the work that you want to do and the work that you have to do, asking: Is this the beginning, or rather the end of a career?

Philipp Joy Reinhardt
Bellybutton + Performance

In his solo work, analogous to Chris Kraus’ writing, Philipp Joy Reinhardt examines how one can make literary practices productive for the stage. 


“Retrospective” Concept & Performance: Romuald Krężel / Text & Dramaturgy: Tamara Antonijevic / Video & Visuals: Monica Duncan / Artistic Collaborator: Carolina Mendonça / Light & Technic: Hendrik Borowski / “Bellybutton + Performance” Performance, Stage Design, Film: Philipp Joy Reinhardt / Dramaturgy, Outside-Eye: Tabea Venrath / Painting: Sina Manthey


  • Past
    Sat 1.6.2019, 20:30 / HAU3
    Sun 2.6.2019, 20:30 / HAU3


“Retrospective” – cooperation between Künstlerhaus Mousonturm (Frankfurt a.M.) and M.A. Choreography and Performance (Gießen) as part of Hessian Theatre Academy. 

“Bellybutton + Performance” – Production: Philipp Joy Reinhardt.


Tempelhofer Ufer 10, 10963 Berlin

Access by means of a stairwell (3rd floor). Use of lift possible by prior arrangement.