HAU Hebbel am Ufer’s Hygiene Policy for the Opening of its Theaters to Audiences




The checking of tickets will be electronic to avoid physical contact. Tickets will be scanned with as much distance as possible.

All staff members in contact with the public are fully vaccinated, recovered or tested on a daily basis.

Ticket sales

Tickets can be purchased online, by phone or at the box office.

Hygienic Measures

The general distancing rules are to be maintained in all buildings.

There are dispensers with disinfectant at all entrances and exits. Guests and staff are requested to sanitise their hands before entering the buildings. Signs will be posted to further communicate the general hygiene rules.

Visitors and staff members who have clinical symptoms of COVID-19 – such as fever, cough, sniffles, sore throat, shortness of breath, headaches, aching limbs, gastrointestinal problems, weakness and/or diminished sense of smell or taste, or those who have recently been in contact with infected persons, are requested not to come to HAU Hebbel am Ufer.

Before the start of each event, all hand-contact surfaces in all publicly accessible rooms are cleaned.


The ventilation systems in all halls have been converted to 100% fresh air in the supply air. The recommended fresh air volume flow of 25 m3/h/person is clearly exceeded.

The ventilation system is set to maximum output to ensure the fastest possible exchange of room air. In support of this, all possibilities of cross-ventilation and opening the ventilation shutters are taken as far as the onstage activities and the weather permit.

1 February 2022