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Political Climate Change?

Racism and the Mainstreaming of the New Right

Public Discussion with:

Fatima El-Tayeb (University of San Diego)
Naika Foroutan (BIM/DeZIM)
Gökçe Yurdakul (Humboldt Universität Berlin)
Antje Schumann (WITS University Johannesburg)

In the last years, right wing movements impacted on European and US-American societies in multiple ways, initiating global repercussions and triggering a set of new questions: Is there a substantial change of the political climate in the general public, now (re)embracing a whole set of inter-linked right wing agendas from racism and white superiority to anti-genderism and national chauvinism? Have previously present racist formations simply been (re-)injected into the mainstream of Western societies? What is the impact of right wing mobilization on expanding border regimes and the governance of migration? Are there local specifics and transnational similarities reinforcing localized expressions of right wing mobilization and racism? What counter movements and alliances are emerging and what are the challenges and changes of those?

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Hosted by: Kosmos Summer University https://kosmos2017.com
Vergangene Termine
September 2017