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CTM 2021 Festival for Adventurous Music and Art

Transformation – Part 2

With Maximilian Marcoll & Ensemble AuditivVokal Dresden

CTM 2021 “Transformation” will round out its 22nd edition with a series of events running beginning of September in Berlin. Effectively a part two of the festival, this autumnal series of events will showcase works that could not be shown in January due to the pandemic. 

CTM 2021 part two events mark a return to the in-person physical-sensual experiences that have always been at the heart of the festival. The collection of performances and installations shown all deal with processes and questions of change in critical and affective ways. The topics explored continue in the spirit of this year’s “Transformation” festival theme which uses the means of music and art to trace the possibilities and necessities of far-reaching personal and social changes, as well as to question the ability of art to transform itself and its structures. The works highlight different aspects of transformation, from the impact of aesthetic experiences, to the effects of new technologies, to shifting social contexts and possible futures.

Detailed information about the programme for part two of CTM 2021 can be on the CTM website. There you will also find the CTM Magazine, which contains among other numerous articles offering in-depth information and reflections on the themes, works, and artists of the 2021 festival edition.

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