21.12.2019–12.1.2020 / HAU1, HAU2


20 Years of Rimini Protokoll

For 20 years Rimini Protokoll have been staging the here and now. There has been exhibiting, framing, reflecting, anchoring, and sometimes it has become quite loud. Joined by their idiosyncratic protagonists, fellow artists and spectators, the group is now celebrating its anniversary. Over a period of a few months you can see works in several theatres in Berlin. With “100% Berlin reloaded,” Rimini Protokoll are updating one of their classics for the stage of HAU1, where it started. Parallely you can see “Situation Rooms” at HAU2 as well as installations that provide an insight into the multimedia creative work of the group. The VR installation “Feast of Food” about farm life in the age of global food production, screenings of films about the Indian-German project “Call Cutta” and “Weltklimakonferenz” as well as radio drama stations where the audience can listen through the entire radio drama oeuvre of Rimini Protokoll.