dgtl fmnsm


The network dgtl fmnsm acts as a hybrid between an aesthetic research laboratory and a discursive feminist think tank, interweaving body and space through a fun and transdisciplinary approach. Dgtl fmnsm's projects bring together feminist artists, activists and scientists to collaborate at the intersection of visual art, performance and social discourse. Since 2016, the network has been realising interdisciplinary installations as feminist, queer and tech-positive perspectives on technology narratives. Scenes involve aesthetic and theoretical agents who primarily use their bodies as a means of expression in the context of an elusive present between digital technology, net culture and political necessity. Dgtl fmnsm has curated and organised several festivals at HELLERAU – European Centre for the Arts in Dresden. At HAU Hebbel am Ufer, the collective were involved in editions #2 (2020) and #3 (2021) of the “Spy on Me” festival. Since September 2020, dgtl fmnsm have been organising the workshop series and desktop show “FACE” in cooperation with HAU.