Dieter Lesage


Dieter Lesage is a professor of political theory and philosophy of culture at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema & Sound (RITCS) in Brussels. He published a dozen books on nationalism, racism, multiculturalism and globalisation. Together with Ina Wudtke, he curated several international group exhibitions, among which A Portrait of the Artist asa Researcher (Vienna & Brussels, 2007-2008) and Black Sound White Cube (Berlin, 2011) as well as The Very Last Judgment Triptych (Vienna, 2014), featuring artists Jill Magid, Sanford Biggers, Jenny C. Jones, Jacques André, Marusa Sagadin, Sven Augustijnen, Herman Asselberghs, Alice Creischer, Andreas Siekmann and Minouk Lim, among others. His latest book is Art, Research and Politics. Essays in Curatorial Criticism 1999-2014, Brussels, (SIC), 2015. Dieter Lesage lives in Berlin.