The smartphone app “Loulu” invites the players to take part in an interactive fiction. The single player game makes manipulation tactics and attempts to shift the discourse by new right-wing networks tangible and demonstrates that social platforms on the internet can be the perfect breeding ground for targeted radicalization.

Recommended for people aged 18 and over

Awarded with the Amadeu Antonio Prize 2021

Further information

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You can play “Loulu” on your smartphone only. Newer Android devices and iOS devices from 10.0 or younger are compatible. Required storage volume Android: 28 MB. Required storage volume iOS: 70 MB. To play, you need to download and install the app “Loulu” for free. The language of the app is German.

You will need an intact internet connection to play the game. We recommend that you connect to a WLAN network for this purpose. You can use the app without providing any personal data. 

Please note the trigger warning on violent language at the beginning of the game. All characters, platforms and networks are fictitious.

In order to increase security for all people involved in the project and to reduce the risk of third-party use of the content, the code is not published as open source. “Loulu” was developed with React Native.

If you have any questions about the game or want to contact us about it, you can send an email at The team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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