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April 2020

Wed 1

No play until April 19 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer

Alternatively Online Programme #HAUonline

Gob Squad

Room Service (Help Me Make It Through The Night)

Afterwards: Gob Squad – What are you looking at?

Part of #HAUonline

HAU Youtube Channel


Thu 2

Be Part of Something Bigger – Gob Squad erobern die Gemeinschaft zurück

Ein Auszug aus dem neuen Buch “Gob Squad – What are you looking at?”


Fri 3

Ivo Dimchev

Livestream Concert

Part of #HAUonline

HAU Youtube Channel


Tue 7

Die Lehren des Virus

Paul Preciado über Corona


Fri 17

10:00 /Podigee

PODCAST Burning Futures: On Ecologies of Existence

#3 Big Farms make Big Flu oder die politische Ökologie der Epidemien. Mit Rob Wallace

Part of the series "Burning Futures: On Ecologies of Existence"

Part of #HAUonline



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