Das 11. lange Wochenende des freien Theaters

100° Berlin 2014


With over a hundred presentations from theatre, dance and performance at three locations in the city, the 100° Berlin Festival invites you for the eleventh time to a four-day stage marathon from February 20 to 23. This year for the first time, Ballhaus Ost is joining the festival as a venue alongside HAU Hebbel am Ufer and the SOPHIENSÆLEN. All three venues are opening their stages, foyers, and courtyards to the performing artists, who will show their pieces every hour.

At HAU Hebbel am Ufer the collective magic garden presents the performance QUESTIONING – by the audience, for the audience and about the audience. QUESTIONING does not hold a mirror up to the theatre, but to the spectators: Who are we? How do we live? How similar are we to one another?

In her performance Eselssöhne "Eşek Oğlu Eşek" oder: Wie ich Träger einer hybriden Identitätwurde, Carla Maria vom Hoff also examines the question of looking for and finding one’s own personality. “Who do you think I am?” is for Feridun Oztoprak and Kyra Mevert the starting point for their engagement with images of themselves and others. 

Every day we are called by our names and we call out the names of those around us. Language and corporality are intertwined and form our biographies. In About You the two performers from meulmoro investigate the connections between language and the body.

The performance Left I – Right I by Sonya Levin & Marcela Giesche is concerned with the differing functions of left and right brain and looks into the positioning of the “ego” in a constantly changing world.

In Flatland, bodies and objects meet, ecstatic and constant, obsessive and regulated. Julian Weber scrutinizes the tension between the direct and the abstract, between the original and the artificial.

"My name is Hieu. It means: Love your parents!" WARRUG/COBRAHIEU.COBRA take a microscope to the germ cell of society: the family. HIEU: LIEBE DEINE ELTERN! – Eine Familienaufstellung is about the interrelationship between individuality and communality. How much WE does an I permit? How much I does a WE permit?

Fiona Lux looks at a quite different aspect of family. Her piece Sebastians Ohren is a kind of empathic engagement with the acoustic world of her brother. Sebastian B. Ebner’s perception is deferred, there is a direct link from ear to skin. Small, unobtrusive noises cause him to laugh out of the blue. Fiona Lux takes her brother’s perceptual world as her starting point to compose a musical piece for him.

In addition, the Klub der Kavaliersdelikte claims the 100° Festival as its turf. In all three of the venues, club centres will be opened and complicities will be established. The club will become the location to conspire, gather and confess. 

In the supporting programme there will be videos and installations, midnight speakers such as Christine Wahl, Schorsch Kamerun and Margarita Tsomou will comment on the day’s events, and a jury of experts will choose the winners, whose pieces will be repeated in the context of the Best Of 100° on April 2 and 3 at HAU Hebbel am Ufer. At the 100° opening party, BadKat and Giotto will play a Hip Hop Live Set. On the following evenings, AKIA feat. KENNY GOLD will give an electro-concert and Pover T and M4NIFE5T will DJ at WAU. Journalists from Hildesheim and Berlin will accompany the festival in Blog 100wort with reviews, backstage reports, interviews and essays.

Thu 20.2., 00:30 / WAU
100° opening party
with BadKat und Giotto
Fri 21.2., 00:30 / WAU
100° Party
with AKIA feat. KENNY GOLD: loopacut
Saturday 22.2. from 00:30 WAU
100° Party
with DJ's Pover T und M4NIFE5T

Berlin Diagonale offers curators a special, custom-made opportunity during the 100° Berlin Festival.

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