HAU Hebbel am Ufer and Sophiensæle present 100° Berlin Festival 2013

Das 10. lange Wochenende des freien Theaters

100° Berlin is celebrating its ten-year anniversary this year! HAU and the Sophiensæle are opening up all their stages for a four-day marathon presenting performances, acting, music theatre, performative readings, and dance projects every hour. At the end of the festival, prize winners will be chosen, who will then repeat their productions at a “Best of” on March 16 and 17 in HAU. Information on English-language performances can be found on the website of HAU Hebbel am Ufer. 100° is a four-day state of exception and will chase away the winter cold!

HAU Winners

Jury Award HAU1
Miriam Jakob in cooperation with Felix Classen - "Friday, 1.23.1915 [sic] ‘as usual, sorry that I do not always...‘"
Friday, 22.02. 2013: We fell in love. We just saw a piece. A performer, alone on stage, her voice recorded and played by a walkmen. Fog.
X: "that’s best so far"
Y: "well, agreed, but let me think..."
Saturday, 23.02.2013: We’re still in the dellusion of the jungle. 
Y: "I see some incoherency, there is a lack of continuity, she forgot, she did not see..."
X: "yes, but that’s the point in a way, this is a part of it!"
Sunday, 24.02.2013: Finally the fog dispersed. We see now. We realize that we do no longer want to judge over works, "we don’t know if they are laughing or angry", we have to admit that our decision could be doubted. So, what did we see?
We saw the perfect merge of well-done research and art, looped and multi-leveled, self-reflecting and self-inquiring. 
We are in love. 
Tuesday, 20. 08.2013: Still in love.

Jurypreis HAU 2
Cobrajulianfrancisbisesi.cobra "La Roman de la Rose"
"If you don't go crazy you're not normal."
Cobrajulianfrancisbisesi.cobra make the lack of concept their concept and present us with a multitude of magical moments on stage: alibi-coffee and symbolism-cookies are followed by the best sexist joke of the last 20 years - and then they suddenly all start fighting. Without taking into account traditional theatrical conventions or the contemporary discourse, they perform the cream of by the by-autobiographical theatre and the nicest merge between audience and stage we have seen in a long time. 

Jury Award HAU3
The Detectives and Mariona Naudin - "VIP, a homage to Severiano Naudin"
Mariona Naudin shares with us her life - her identity. Her piece is personal but gives in a soft and subtle way a general introduction to the topic of identity. She draws lines between historical european characters and her ancestors. Trying to tell us that there is no coincidence and that cosmic unconciousness really exists. We saw a truly honest and joyfull work with a charming sense of humor and without bitterness. A balanced composition of acting, dance, music and media performance.

Audience Award
Prèsnéts Presents - "SCHWARZMARKT der GEFÜHLE"

Die goldene Strumpfhose - Audience award for the most unforgettable costume
Atelier für physisches Theater - "Ist hier Krieg?"

Sophiensæle Winners

Jury Awards
MDVZ - "Tanz Europe Express"
Ana Mendes - "Dance Play"

Audience Award
Henrike Iglesias - "Wir kommen nicht aus dem Showbiz"

Die goldene Strumpfhose - Audience Award for the most unforgettable costume
Herrman Simons - "Sexutopia 2113"


An event by Sophiensæle and HAU Hebbel am Ufer.