25.-31.10. / HAU1, HAU2


16 Jahre andcompany&Co.

andcompany&Co. take history personally: history, herstory, our story… Out of the “end of history” comes the beginning of a new one, a “neverending story”. They rummage through the debris of the ideologies and unredeemed promises of the past, then remix them with contemporary questions to suggest an image of the future. In doing so they celebrate the anniversaries as they come: 2018 was 50 years of ’68, 100 years of the November Revolution and the 200th birthday of Karl Marx. 2019 is the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall and of “Disintegration”, that legendary album by The Cure, the melancholy counter-soundtrack to the end of the Cold War. At the same time it is the 40th anniversary of the “Neverending Story”: There is hardly any emblem better suited to andcompany&Co. than the symbol from that “book of books”, in which one snake is biting the tail of another one. History never comes to an end, it only runs a new round (re-volution). So ’89 is just ’68 turned upside down–or ’68 is an ’89 that has landed on its feet.

For the very first time HAU Hebbal am Ufer will show a double feature combining the new premiere with the revolution revue from last year. While “iNViSiBLE REPUBLiC” jumps back and forth between Paris May, Prague Spring and November Revolution, with Rosa Luxemburg philosophizing with Daniel Cohn-Bendit about post-revolutionary depression while casually preparing for the next uprising on the side, in “1989: The GREAT DiSiNTEGRATiON” time stands still. The plenum never comes to an end, the table get rounder and rounder, for all the creatures of the imagination take a seat there to find a new name for what is neither utopia nor reality, but a third way between the “realm of freedom” (of the market) and the “realm of necessity” (of work).

After the performance of "1989: The Great Disintegration" on 26.10.: 
THE & OF HISTORY: &Co.-Soundsystem / Concert (live) / at WAU / Admission free

Since 2003 Alexander Karschnia, Nicola Nord, Sascha Sulimma & Co. having been rocking the stage with their wild (p)remix made up of facts & fictions, snatches from history(ies), sounds from past and future. To celebrate the day the &Co.-Soundsystem will set off on a musical time trip through the “best of” of 16 years of andcompany&Co. in a concert – from Heimlicher Aufmarsch (from: little red (play): ‘herstory’) and Schläfer von Metropolis (from: 2045: Müller in Metropolis) to the Economy Rap with Claudia Splitt (from: Not my revolution, if…: The Stories of Angie O.).