Berlinale Talents 2022

Labours of Cinema

In 2022, Berlinale Talents turns 20. The anniversary edition invites everyone to explore the hard but joyful craft(wo)manship involved in the “Labours of Cinema” by entering into a playful six-day hands-on workshop experiment. The Summit during the Berlinale will focus on aesthetics of work-in-progress and labour as a political term of our days. Along with 200 selected Talents from all over the world, renowned filmmakers as well as artists and researchers will come to HAU Hebbel am Ufer for around 60 talks, labs, live workshops and networking opportunities. Here, cinematographers run into production designers and mingle with gender equality activists to celebrate the idea of a cinema that understands itself as the result of collective work. You can find an overview of the streamed events at