CTM 2018 – Turmoil

Mit: Medusa’s Bed – Lydia Lunch; Zahra Mani & Mia Zabelka; George E. Lewis & Roscoe Mitchell; Jace Clayton presents Julius Eastman Memorial Dinner; “Ernest Berk – The Complete Expressionist” by Company Christoph Winkler featuring group A, Rashad Becker & Pan Daijing; Rashaad Newsome “FIVE Berlin”; Nadah El Shazly; Zorka Wollny & Andrzej Wasilewski; MusicMakers Hacklab with Peter Kirn & Ioann Maria u.v.m.

With its theme “Turmoil” CTM 2018 explores the state of music and sound practice in the face of a confusing and critical present, when we have begun normalising the ongoing barrage of political, social and environmental crises and the resulting disquiet that resonates through our onand offline lives. Music has always been a remedy for the ruthlessness of this world, yet also a tool for altering our own way of being and for creating community. With special projects and commissions, performances, a day-time conference programme, and a focus on the interplay of music and dance, CTM 2018 questions the continuity of such potential. Can music mitigate societal polarisation? Does answering the world’s turmoil with aesthetic turmoil help? Should we not, in the face of conflict’s escalating logic and capitalism’s voracious desire for intensification, move on to explore the opposite: an aesthetics of placidness and disengagement? Which other sonic and musical responses could we conceive of as an antidote, for both the present and the future? 

Supported by: Senate Departement for Culture and Europe, German Federal Cultural Foundation, Capital Cultural Fund, Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Initiative Musik, Programme Creative Europe of the European Union. In Collaboration with: HAU Hebbel am Ufer, transmediale, Kulturprojekte Berlin GmbH, Kampnagel (Hamburg), SHAPE and many more.