HAU Publication No. 27

Berlin bleibt! #4 – Treffpunkt Mehringplatz

With the “Berlin bleibt!” festival launched in 2019, HAU Hebbel am Ufer has been focussing on the campaigns for affordable housing, urban policy orientated towards the common good and social solidarity. Last year, “Berlin bleibt! #3 – Werkstatt Mehringplatz” launched the opening of a workshop where HAU staff, artists, neighbours and actors from the surroundings can get to know each other, find out common interests, collaborate artistically and also critically engage with each other. This space is a conglomerate of all kinds of places and people who meet in the urban landscape of Mehringplatz, where, for eleven years now, a construction site has made neighbourly life on the square difficult. Now, finally, the construction vehicles are supposed to disappear and Mehringplatz will belong to the people again. A good reason for everyone to meet up and celebrate. At the festival “Berlin bleibt! #4 – Meeting point Mehringplatz”, artists, neighbours, passers-by and audiences meet in site-specific, participatory processes and performances

In the publication for the festival “Berlin bleibt! #4 – Treffpunkt Mehringplatz” (17.6.-2.7.2022) you will find texts by Markus Liske and Manja Präkels, Rita Segato, Stella Konstantinou, a song text by Christiane Rösinger as well as an interview with Yıldız Akgün, Stefan Endewardt, Berit Stumpf, Bernd Surkau, Alma Wellner-Bou and Nadine Vollmer.