Copy & Dance

Dance-Karaoke by Tina Pfurr (MC) and Anna Zett (VJ)

COPY & DANCE consists of a dance floor and a video projection showing choreographies to be imitated on the spot by everybody present. When everyone is dancing together in front of the screen, no one is distracted. If all have the same role models in front of them, everyone is doing something else. Guided by Pfurr and Zett the greatest dance videos of pop-history and the weirdest moves on the world wide web awaken to a new interpretation in real life. For two hours one is temporarily relieved from the individual ownership of bodily expression. Yet, as no one has rehearsed, this spontaneous community stays playfully asynchronous, the shared pathos stays non-binding. Each new edition of Copy & Dance explores another aspect of the show.

Premiered as part of “Be Part of Something Bigger. Celebrating the art of collectives and 20 years of Gob Squad”, curated by Gob Squad and Christina Runge, supported by Capital Culture Fund and Berliner Kulturverwaltung.