HAU Youtube Channel, HAU3000


In the light of the current situation, HAU Hebbel am Ufer has discontinued performances and postponed rehearsals and production work since 10 March. We’re now working online and have adapted and redeveloped selected projects for digital space. We started with the festival Spy on Me #2 – Artistic Manoeuvres for the Digital Present, which would have taken place from 19 to 29 March. You can access the contributions until the end of this season on the HAU Youtube Channel or at HAU3000.

Even though we’ve been delighted by the positive reaction to our online programme, we miss you, our audience, very much as the indispensable real visitors to live performances in our venues!

In the present circumstances, and with current developments in view, it still unfortunately seems unlikely that theatres will be able to reopen as usual very soon. There will be no regular play on our stages in the next few weeks. HAU will remain closed to our audience until the end of our season.

An alternative format in front of the screen can of course never replace the live performances. But at the same time, we pick up this challenge for the future to put these possibilities for performing in the digital realm to the test together with artists.

But we and our artists see it as a challenge for the future to try out the possibilities of playing on the digital stage. And so: KEEP IT REAL! We’re carrying on with #HAUonline.