HAU Publication No. 20

Einar Schleef – Remembering is Work

Einar Schleef (1944–2001) was not only an outstanding theatre maker, he was also a particularly multifaceted contemporary artist – author, painter, graphic artist, set designer, photographer and actor. In her eulogy for him Elfriede Jelinek wrote: “There were only two geniuses in Germany after the war, Fassbinder in the West, Schleef in the East.”

In this thirtieth year after the fall of the Wall we will remember the radical theatre maker and author on the occasion of his 75th birthday (10.–15.1.2019 / HAU1, HAU2), giving voice to his texts once again.

Accompanying the festival, a new edition of the HAU-publication series came out. With texts by Etel Adnan and Luise Meier, an interview with Einar Schleef by Stefan Brunner from the year 2000, excerpts from his diaries and photographs by Einar Schleef, quotations by companions and an introduction by Aenne QuiñonesHans-Ulrich Müller-Schwefe and Sabine Reich.


„Prinzipiell, notwendig und aussichtslos antagonistisch”
von Aenne Quiñones, Hans-Ulrich Müller-Schwefe und Sabine Reich

“Einar Schleef”
von Etel Adnan

“Loblied der Kündigung”
Einar Schleef im Interview mit Stefan Brunner

“Schleef’sche Wucherung”
von Luise Meier

Programm “Einar Schleef zum 75.”
Impressum und Bildnachweise

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