6.–8.12.2018 / HAU2

Heroines of Sound Festival

Early and current Heroines of Electronic Sound

With: Mary Ellen Bute, Mary C, Lucrecia Dalt, Nina Dragicevic, Jessica Ekomane, Gudrun Gut, Ensemble KNM Berlin, Fågelle/Beate Kunath, Juliana Hodkinson, Jessie Marino, Claudia Robles, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Katharina Rosenberger, Evelyn Saylor, Laurie Schwartz, Paula Schopf, StratoFyzika, Steffi Weismann, Wilde/Hülcker, Marta Zapparoli

Since 2014 the festival “Heroines of Sound” has been presenting early and current heroines of electronic sound, women who have broken new musical ground and are making important contributions to current aesthetic discourses. This year’s focus is on current performance and video art. In a concert by Ensemble KNM Berlin you can hear new instrumental works that radically reshape the classic concert set-up. One focus of the festival is dedicated to the American artist Mary Ellen Bute. Bute, a pioneer of abstract film from the 1930s, composed her films according to musical principles. With commissioned works for her early films, the festival is presenting new compositions written especially for these films. Heroines of Sound presents more than 30 artists in concerts, performances, film and discourse. The festival has set itself the task of (re)discovering female protagonists in music and increasing the public presence of their music.

Production. Heroines of Sound Festival. Coproduction: HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Funded by Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media, Musikfonds e.V., Musicboard GmbH Berlin,  Initiative für Neue Musik e.V., Mariann Steegmann Foundation.