Many Years After ...

Romanian Festival

Since the beginning of 2000, a young Romanian theater and performance scene has been developing. Its protagonists grew up in Ceauşescu’s Romania, were later confronted with the experiences of the post-socialist era, and today are landing in a Europe that is increasingly drifting apart. They find themselves looking for traces of their own history against the backdrop of drastic social upheaval. In collaboration with the Romanian Cultural Institute, HAU shows five productions that reflect these processes artistically. In "X mm out of Y km", Gianina Cărbunariu uses the Securitate files on the Romanian writer Dorin Tudoran to pose the question of how much the past can be reconstructed by working through historical documents. “Clear History,” a work by Nicoleta Esinencu, concerns itself with the genocide committed under Marshall Antonescu in Moldavia, a country on the edge of Europe, which has been suppressed from collective memory. In “Duet,” Vlaicu Golcea and Sergiu Matis stage processes of moving in which music gains control over the body. In “Romanian Dance History VI,” a project of the Caminul Cultural Bucharest, the demise of dance is celebrated. “Heated Minds” by Mihaela Michailov and David Schwartz is a seven-part monologue about the bloody suppression during the so-called miners’ intervention (mineriade) in June 1990, to this day a traumatic date in Romanian history. “Global Exoticism,” an installation and action by Alexandra Pirici and Andrei Dinu, offers housing in homeless shelters – a unique experience of extreme precarity and poverty.

In cooperation with the Romanian Cultural Institute Berlin. With the kind support of the Allianz Kulturstiftung, the Goethe-Institut, the Romanian Embassy in Berlin and Căminul Cultural Bukarest.