HAU Publication No. 11

Marx' Gespenster [Spectres of Marx]

When so-called real socialism collapsed, Marx’ analyses were declared to be washed up and some spoke of finally reaching the end of history, of the victory of the market and democracy. But in 1993 the French philosopher Jacques Derrida reminded us that the spectre of Marx would not dissipate so easily. It turns out he was right. With the series “Marx’ Gespenster” [Spectres of Marx] HAU Hebbel am Ufer ties into the topicality of Marx and attempts to track down innovative ways of articulating against contemporary forms of capitalism. In view of the capitalist permeation of society, the series will not only take a look at aspects of politics as a whole, but also and especially will present reflections by artists who are subject to day-to-day forms of self-exploitation and demands to self-optimize
in their practice.

A publication by HAU Hebbel am Ufer on the occasion of the event series "Marx' Gespenster" (12.-22.11.2015). With texts by Alex Demirović, Nina Power, Mark Terkessidis, Bini Adamczak, interviews with Srećko Horvat, Teresa Forcades i Vila and photos of cash machines in Germany, Grece, the UK, Italy, Sri Lanka, Southkorea and Hungary. 


“The Bogeyman” by Alex Demirović

“Melancholy and Triumph” Pascal Jurt in conversation with Srećko Horvat

“Capitalism Kills” An interview Teresa Forcades i Vila

“This World Is Not Enough” by Nina Power

“Turbulence of Migration” by Mark Terkessidis

“Vitamin B. Why the relationship status of materialism and queer feminism is 'complicated'” by Bini Adamczak

(c) HAU Hebbel am Ufer, November 2015