Bogdan Georgescu


Bogdan Georgescu is an artist and social activist. He serves as author and producer for works created in collaboration with communities through Active Art (a theatre method developed by himself through the projects implemented over the last decade). His projects focus on social observation and cultural intervention in marginalized or conflicted communities.

Georgescu received his PhD. in 2013 at The National University of Theatre and Cinematography Bucharest, where he also graduated with an MFA in playwriting in 2009 and participated in the Theatre Directing program 2002-2007. In 2013 Georgescu became Associated Professor at The Arts University Targu Mures in the Playwriting MA program, and in 2014 Associated Professor at the University Lucian Blaga Sibiu in the Theatre Faculty’s Acting Program. He had several fellowships at universities in the USA.

In 2005 Georgescu started tangaProject – a theatre group focused on the development of new drama and new types of theatricality for expressing and reflecting social realities and create community theatre projects. He is a founding member of the O2G Generosity Offensive NGO (2007), an organization dedicated to community building through art. He participated as speaker and teacher in several international conferences and symposiums on community theatre and social involved art in the United States, Serbia, Moldova, Slovenia, Germany, Czech Republic, Great Britain and Romania.

He has received numerous awards and honors, amongst others in 2015 the Best Performance Award for “ANTISOCIAL” at The International Festival of Theatre Universities, Suceava, in 2016 the Best Theatre Project Award for “ANTISOCIAL” at the National Cultural Radio Station Gala, and the Excellency in Directing Award of the Sibiu International Theatre Festival in 2016.

As part of Berlin Mondiale Bogdan Georgescu developed artistic workshops.