Boris Mikhailov


Boris Mikhailov, born in 1938 in Kharkiv, is a Ukrainian photographer, and is considered one of the most distinguished artists working in contemporary photography. Since the end of the 1960s he has developed, parallel to conceptual Soviet art, a playful, but always critical visual language that reflects on social circumstances. In 1996 he came to Berlin on a grant. Boris Mikhailov is one of the most important chroniclers of Soviet and post-Soviet society. The series “Look at me, I look at water” is inspired by Heiner Müller’s work. In 2000 the international Heiner Müller Society published Mikhailob’s photo series “Äußere Ruhe” in the series “Drucksache N.F.”. In 2015 he received the Kaiserring Art Prize from the city of Goslar, one of the most renowned prizes for contemporary art.