Claudia Basrawi


Claudia Basrawi was born in Beirut and studied Arabic literature and history in Berlin and Damascus (Syria). Since 1994 she has been working as an independent writer for film and theatre, and has published her own texts with various publishers. In addition Baswari was part of the interdisciplinary artist collective Gruppe M in the 1990s, working on urban experience. In 2009 she published her first novel “Mittelmeer Anämie”. Also in 2009 she collaborated with the director Samuel Schwarz and the musician Ted Gaier on the play “Der Sumpf – Europa Stunde Null”, which led to the formation of the theatre group 400asa Sektion Nord. Their last production “Flow/Wasser” (2012) was shown in Berlin, Basel and Zurich. In 2015 Claudia Baswari developed the piece “El Dschihad” at Ballhaus Naunynstraße.