Creamcake is a Berlin-based, interdisciplinary platform negotiating the point of convergence in music, visual art, and performance, as well as digital culture and the contemporary discourse surrounding it. Presenting artists whose work is characterized by intersectional, feminist, queer, and decolonial approaches, their aim is to produce and navigate experiences outside of normative social structures by providing a critical engagement with these perspectives. They provide a stage where dominant power structures and their effects on technology, sexuality, identity and the creative arts can be explored.
Creamcake is primarily a platform for the concerns and perspectives of a new generation of women and queer-identifying artists, and supports a combination of established and emerging talent. It specializes in live concerts, exhibitions, sound installations, performances and film screenings; workshops, lectures, panels, discussions, and online projects, different themes and collaborations. Through that, Creamcake troubles dominant social, cultural and political structures by offering an audience for those that don’t fit the hegemonic mould. 
Defining the idea of a digitally-connected community, it creates a space where like-minded people can meet and share their insight and experience. Through the experimental use of digital technologies, Creamcake understands art as an aesthetic space for social and political engagement.