Csaba Polgár


Csaba Polgár (*1982) studied acting at the University for Theatre and Film in Budapest. He is a founding member of the group HOPPart. This was founded in 2007 by students and is led by Tamás Ascher and Eszter Novák. In its works, which are created collectively, HOPPart seeks out new musical forms of theatre. The group meets the current political situation in Hungary not with resignation, but with black humour. Since 2007 Polgár has been working as an actor in the ensemble at the Örkény István Theatre. In 2008, he premiered his first staging, of Heinrich Kleist’s “The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest”, followed by Elfried Jelinek’s “Rohonc” (“Rechnitz”).  With “Korijolánusz” (based on Shakespeare’s “Coriolanus”) he was invited to the Festival Radikal Jung in 2012 at Munich’s Volkstheater. In 2013 he staged another play in Munich, “Julius Caesar”. In Hungary, his plays have received the award for the best independent performance (2011) and the Junior Prima Primissima award for artists under 30 (also 2011).