De Warme Winkel


Theatregroup De Warme Winkel (The Hot Shop) is an actors’ collective comprising Mara van Vlijmen, Jeroen De Man, Vincent Rietveld and Ward Weemhoff. By continually working with guest actors, directors, artists and musicians, the group has attracted a large group of sympathisers. Since its foundation in 2002, De Warme Winkel has created a total of fourteen projects. Their last performance at HAU Hebbel am Ufer “We are your friends” was presented in 2013.

De Warme Winkel’s style is energetic, performative and visual and is based on its members’ shared fascination for history and love of literature. Using a strong, contextual basis, all sorts of theatrical resources are deployed in a tightly orchestrated tumult, in order to celebrate a paradox, bring a dilemma into focus, or pay tribute to a particular subject. De Warme Winkel makes use of all possible performance styles and influences: from Stanislavsky to Artaud, and from ballet to slapstick. By alternating styles and events, De Warme Winkel’s performances always seek out the tension between theatrical representation and our presence in the here and now.