dorisdean is an independent mix-abled performance company with its working focus in Germany (Nordrhein-Westphalen). Since 2011 its members have been developing performances on a variety of questions around living together, communicating and the discomfort in direct interaction. Their attention is always on the defect, on the not perfect in and about people, on stigma. It is about fear and tension, about questions of normality and rules of norm in social contexts. The group seeks to shift their spectators’ perceptions, and in doing so they also put themselves up for discussion. To probe these topics, dorisdean uses a combination of various performative art forms such as music, dance and performance. dorisdean are: Christopher Bruckmann, Philipp Hohmann, Deborah Krönung, Patrizia Kubanek, Wera Mahne, Miriam Michel, Charis Nass and Kübra Sekin.