El Conde de Torrefiel


El Conde de Torrefiel is a Barcelona-based project headed by Tanya Beyeler, born 1980 in Switzerland, and Pablo Gisbert, born 1982 in Spain. Beyeler and Gisbert are theatre authors, musicians, performers, and video-makers. Their works oscillate between literature, visual arts and choreography and aim to transcend the parameters of verbal language. They address the notion of imminent temporality, with a starting point in the synchronic analysis of the present, as an interrogation of the possibilities of our time. Their latest works focus on the 21st century and on the existing relationship between the personal and the political. The duo thinks of its work as a series of deliveries, speeches or circumstantial hypothesis about the historical present. Since their founding in 2010 they developed a variety of works, including “La historia del rey vencido por el Aburrimiento” (“The story of the king defeated by boredom”), “Escenas para una conversación después del visionado de una película de Michael Haneke” (“Scenes for a conversation after viewing a Michael Haneke film”) and “GUERRILLA”. Their works have been shown at the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid, at the BAD Festival in Bilbao, at the Festival TNT in Terrassa, at steirischer herbst in Graz, at Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels and at the Festival Transamériques in Montréal, among others.