Gudrun Gut


Gudrun Gut, born in 1957, has been an activist and musician in Berlin since the 1980s – from post punk and techno to indietronics. She was a founding member of such legendary bands as Mania D., Einstürzende Neubauten, Malaria! and Matador. In 1995 her album “Members of the Oceanclub” appeared. From 1997-2012 she hosted the “Oceanclub Radio Show” along with Thomas Fehlmann on Radio Eins. In 1997 she founded the label Monika Enterprise with a focus on women artists. He solo album “I Put A Record On” appeared in 2007, followed by international concerts. In 2012 “Wildlife” was released, also a solo album. In 2014 she released “Gut und Irmler: 500m” in collaboration with Hans-Joachim Irmler.