Hélène Cixous


Hélène Cixous, born in Algeria in 1937, the daughter of a German-Jewish mother and a Jewish Algerian French man, lives as a writer and professor of English in Paris. She is one of the most significant feminist philosophers, aliterary scholar and an author of novels and plays. Co-founder and teacher at the University of Vincennes, where she founded the first European centre for Études Féminines in 1974. Intensive engagement with psychoanalysis and mythology. Her topics concentrate on the imaginary, the female body and the connection between libidinal economy and political economy. Titles by Hélène Cixous that have appeared with Passagen: “Insister of Jacques Derrida” (2014),“The Laugh of the Medusa” (2013), “Hyperdream” (2013), “Manhattan: Letters from Prehistory” (2010), “The Day I Wasn’t There” (2009), “Benjamin to Montaigne: It Must Not Be Said” (2008), “Veils” (2007).