Hikaru Fujii



Hikaru Fujii is an artist and film director born in Tokyo in 1976. He studied at the ENSA (Higher School of Visual Arts and Design/ University of Paris). Since 2005 he has taken on the social and political situation in Japan through various visual media. In addition, he gives workshops based on his concept of “media as stationary”, advocating the democratisation of the visual media in his work. His works have recently been shown in the exhibitions “After the Quake: Thinking about Tohoku III” (2014) at the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, “Tomorrow Comes Today” (2014)at the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, “Artists and the Disaster/Documentation in Progress” (2012) at Art Tower Mito, “Createmy own media” (2010-2011) at YCAM (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media), “Now,what is the barrier?” (2010) at the Sendai Mediatheque, “Reflection/ 'anotherworld' in the image” (2010) at Art Tower Mito . Since the catastrophe in March 2011 he has begun to examine the possibilities of documenting the consequences of the disaster on film. Created so far: “3.11 Art Documentation”, “Record ofCoastal Landscape”, a documentary about the music festival “Project Fukushima”, organised by Otomo Yoshihide (2012) as well as a film about the cinema “Asahiza” (2013) in the city of Minamisoma, which lies 23 kilometres away from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

22.05.2014 / Documentary film “ProjectFukushima“/ HAU1

23.05.2014 / Documentary film “Asahiza“ /HAU1

21.05.-29.05. / Parcours 3.11 / “3.11 Art Documentation“ / HAU1