Ibrahim Quraishi



Ibrahim Quraishi (1973) is an artist who works with different media like photography, photo painting, video, film, installation, performance, dance and theatre. A co-founder of Cie. Faim de Siècle in Paris, his primary interest is exploring visual performativity and its relationship to broader cultural perspectives and their schisms. His approach to the world is that of a traveler.

Traveling is about moving and not settling down. Moving into the unknown rather than settling in one specific place. This might explain his approach towards the different art forms and media. The medium is never up front at the start of a new project. The content will always determine the project and then the requested medium will be found and thus explored. Borders between the body, observed reality and the unconscious are often blurred in his work. The work can bring forth experiences of alienation in which an “ideal body” no longer knows whether it is in a real physical space or inside the fleeting image of itself.

Ibrahim Quraishi is currently represented by Galerie Lumen Travo, Amsterdam.