Ingrid LaFleur


Ingrid LaFleur is a cultural producer and last year’s candidate for the office of mayor of Detroit. She has organised exhibitions both in the USA and internationally, above all on the topic of Afrofuturism. In 2013 she founded the Detroit-based AFROTOPIA, a constantly evolving research project that investigates the possibilities of a using the art movement Afrofuturism as psycho-social healing. AFROTOPIA consists of a film series and seminars for young people as well as a monthly book club, a DJ-in-residence programme, a performance art festival and an Afrofuturism Archive. LaFleur looks into the question of historical trauma, researching the role of spirit science and technologies in African-American socio-political movements. Her research on Afrofuturism has been exhibited and presented worldwide, including at the Something Else Off Biennial in Cairo, the Future Africa-Visions in Time in Bayreuth, at TEDxBrooklyn, the AfroTech Conference in Dortmund and Black in Design at Harvard University.