Jens Friebe


Jens Friebe is a musician, writer and journalist who lives in Berlin. He first became known for his debut album “Vorher Nachher Bilder” (ZickZack, 2004). He has cited such various influences for his music as Rufus Wainwright, Bo Diddley and the Venga Boys. Among many other things, the songs are about parting, apocalypse, pornography and vegetarianism. “Nackte Angst Zieh Dich An Wir Gehen Aus” appeared recently on Staatsakt. In addition, Friebe has also written a book (“52 Wochenenden” 2006 with Kiepenheuer und Witsch, re-issued in 2008 by Verbrecher Verlag) and articles for various publications (including Kaput, Jungle World, Konkret, Taz and Faz).