Laurent Goldring


Laurent Goldring, philosopher and visual artist, has been working on issues of representation in general and of the body in particular since 1995. He examines the contemporary dominance of analogue images (photos, films, video), insisting on their complete inadequacy. His works show that the body is only rarely represented or viewed independently of certain very specific codes. Goldring's basic idea is that images are not representations, but organs – like other organs as well. He applies the same principles and effects to his portraits and representations of everyday life. He has had numerous exhibitions (Centre Pompidou, Foundation Gulbenkian, Fondation Cartier et al.) and works internationally with various choreographers (including Saskia Holbling, Sandrine Buring, Isabelle Schad, Louise Lecavallier, Benoît Lachambre, Germana Civera, Bernhard Lang, Donata d’Urso, JM Rabeux, Xavier Le Roy).