Little Warsaw


Little Warsaw is an artist collective. András Gálik (*1970) and Bálint Havas (*1971) met while studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest and have been working together under the name Little Warsaw since 1999. They first attracted international attention with their work “Body of Nefertili”, which was shown at the Venice Biennale in 2003. Their first retrospective took place in Münster in 2010. András Galik and Bálint Havas have had a presence at the Berlin Biennale, the Prague Biennale, at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and at the October Salon in Belgrade as well as at the GFZK Leipzig and the Apex Art Gallery in New York. Sculptures and monuments inpublic spaces often form a basis for them to thematise social transformations and changing political spaces. Their works reflect the dissolution of existing systems, especially the transition of socialist structures into a post-industrial market economy.