Mette Ingvartsen


The choreographer and dancer Mette Ingvartsen started studying in 1999 in Amsterdam and Brussels, where she graduated from the school for contemporary dance P.A.R.T.S. in the summer of 2004. Since 2002 she has been developing her own works, including “Manual Focus”, “50/50”, “to come”, “Why We Love Action” and “It’s in the air”. Many of these have been shown at HAU Hebbel am Ufer and at the festival Tanz im August.

Her works deal with changing perspectives and the perception of the body in various presentational contexts. Alongside her artistic work Mette Ingvartsen takes part in research projects on questions of production in the performing arts. In 2008 she participated in 6Months1Location, a project initiated by Xavier Le Roy and Bojana Cvejić, which examined questions of training, production structures and artistic exchange.

Her work “evaporated landscapes” (2009), a piece for foam, fog, light and sound, led to a series of works that deal with the idea of artificial nature and that extend choreography to non-human materials. Her group work “The Artificial Nature Project” (2012), to see at HAU in 2013, brings the human performer back on stage and into a network between human and non-human actors. The performance also concluded the cycle on artificial nature.

In 2014 Mette Ingvarten started a new series entitled Red Pieces. The solo “69 positions” (2014) and the group work “7 Pleasures” (2015), which were both shown at HAU, deal with the political dimension of the naked body and sexuality in our contemporary society.