Nadia Ross





STO Union




Nadia Ross was born in Aylmer (Quebec/Canada) and is the founder and artistic director of the company STO Union. The collective was founded 1992 in Toronto and is a multidisciplinary company bringing together artists from a variety of mediums. STO Union’s plays are written by the directors and produced shortly after or during writing, and broadly address the themes of transformation and realization in both the individual and social realms. Since 2006, the company’s central collaborators have been the villagers of Wakefield, Quebec, who take on the new challenge of theatre making. The company engages in national and international co-production arrangements. Nadia Ross' play “Recent Experiences”, which she wrote and staged together with Jacob Wren, has been shown in Belgium, Australia and Hong Kong and was invited in 2002 to Theater der Welt in Bonn, the Mousonturm Theater in Frankfurt/Main and the Wiener Festwochen. “Recent Experiences“ is the first part of the STO Union trilogy “How Can We Live”, in which artists deal with the dilemma of our human limits and with the possibilities to act within them. The second part, “Revolutions in Therapy” (2005), and the third part, “7 Important Things” (2008), also enjoyed great success, and all three plays have been shown at HAU Hebbel am Ufer. Now Nadia Ross is returning to Berlin with “What Happened to the Seeker?”.