Nguyễn Baly


Nguyễn Baly is a non-binary sound and performance artist who lives and works in Berlin. In his/her work Nguyễn deals with postcolonial discourses, queer feminism and questions of the Vietnamese diaspora. S/he collaborates artistically with Tara Transitory as Nguyễn + Transitory, viewing sound, synthesis, noise, rhythm and performance from a less colonial viewpoint to learn more empirically about the Vietnamese/Southeast Asian diaspora and queer existences from a non-academic perspective. Since 2010 Nguyễn has been working at the intersection of sound and performance art in a variety of collaborations including with Anna Geist, Elisabeth Hampe and Katharina Hauke. Nguyễn’s first solo work was created at HAU Hebbel am Ufer Berlin, followed by “Elegy for Television” (2016) in collaboration with Damian Rebgetz and “و WOW” (2017) in collaboration with Tümay Kılınçel & Nuray Demir, also at HAU.