Peng Collective!


Peng Collective! brings together activists, artists and journalists. Using civil disobedience, hacking and theatre, the collective seeks to break with dominant narratives, critically influencing media discourse and reigniting political debates. Peng! disrupted a Greenwashing event by Shell with an oil fountain, took over the PR department of Vattenfall and announced that the company would divest from brown coal, started a call for helping refugees against the EU regulations of Dublin II, trained an army of fake Twitter profiles against online sexism, founded the first defectors group for the secret services and made an apologyin the name of the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for the consequences of Agenda 2010. In cooperation with Schauspiel Dortmund they presented a peace prize to the arms industry in 2017. In their most recentaction against gentrification they plagued private real estate societies with countless telephone calls in the name of those displaced. With “Call-A-Spy” they can be seen for the first time at HAU Hebbel am Ufer.