Péter Kárpáti


Péter Kárpáti (*1961) is a writer and director. He teaches dramatic writing at the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest. His plays have been performed in Europe, the US and Canada. In 2010 his “Acts of the Pitbull” was premiered at Trafó – House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest. This performance is a collaboration with the group The Secret Company, of which Kárpáti is a founding member. The company attempts to get beyond the boundaries between theatre and everyday life, with a performance style that is heavily based on improvisation. Kárpáti’s works are often performed in spatial arrangements that include the audience so as to arouse intensity and intimacy. “Acts of the Pitbull” was invited to the Contemporary Drama Festival in Budapest and the Festival Standard idéal of Bobigny MC93 in Paris. For the new staging of HOPPart, “Hungari”, a cooperation of Trafó and Secret Company / Füge Productions, which premiered in February 2014, Kárpáti served as director.