raumlaborberlin is an interdisciplinary group, primarily using the form of interactions in public space and artistic installations. They transform urban spaces into something completely different, far from all expectations and visions. They shift programmatic narratives into urban empty spaces, install new atmospheres and create a feeling for new potential and open spaces. Due to the participation of local agents in the collaboration with specialists from all the creative disciplines, new spheres of activity are discovered, tested and projected into the future. Examples of this kind of work are the “Kitchenmonument” (since 2006), an ephemeral and interventionist object to create temporary communities in Duisburg, Liverpool, Warsaw, Munich, Berlin or Eindhoven, the “Hotel Neustadt” (2003), a theater festival in Halle/Saale, and again the “Eichbaumoper” (2009), an opulent opera at a rundown public place on the A40 between Mülheim and Essen.